No commute, sleeping later, and working in your PJs? Working from home might sound like a dream job—that is until you must work from home. The shift to remote work has not been easy for everyone, especially job seekers who are now having to interview and onboard from home and not getting a good “feel” for the company that just hired them.

These work from home tips can help ease the transition and set you up for remote work success.

1. Stick to a Routine

One of the benefits of working at home is schedule flexibility. You might start the workday earlier or later and end it accordingly and enjoy all the extra “free” time that comes with it. That said, though, having dedicated working hours is helpful when separating work and home life.


This helps you avoid working way past quitting time and ensures you can enjoy the time you are not wasting on commuting or overly long lunch breaks.

2. Dress the Part

When you work from home, the lines between work and home life start to blur. Dressing like you are going to the office can help you maintain this distinction. As a bonus, you will look game-ready for every video conference call.

3. Set Ground Rules for the People Around You

If you share your home with a spouse, roommate, or children, chances are they are stuck at home just like you are. If this is the case, it is important to help them differentiate your work and home life. Otherwise, you will have to juggle a constant flow of interruptions that could make it hard to stay focused on important tasks.


If you do not have an office with a door that you can close, tell the people around you when it is okay to interrupt and when it is not. This is a learning curve for everyone, and it might take some getting used to before you can find a good rhythm.

4. Take Breaks

If your company has policies regarding breaks (i.e. they make you take breaks), then make sure you follow them. A break is a great time to refresh and recharge and has been shown to help you be more productive.

5. Go Outside

Do not spend the day tied to your desk. Take a walk outside, or even around your neighborhood. The change of scenery can help you feel more connected to the world and get you off your work-at-home “island.”

6. Use a Dedicated Office Space

Ideally, you will not have to rely on your living room couch or dining table as a workspace. Find a space in your home that can be all about business. This helps you maintain work/life balance and makes it easier to “turn off” work after the day’s over.

Final Thoughts on Work from Home Tips

In the words of John Donne, “No man is an island.” Even though you might be feeling stranded in your career right now, you are not truly alone. The above work-at-home tips can help you make the best of remote work.

And if you love the idea of staying home for good, Canon Recruiting can help you find a new career! Contact us today to learn how we can help you on your remote work journey.