Veteran Hiring – Simple Steps to Hiring More Veterans

Do you work for a growing company that is trying to attract top talent while also being committed to boosting your diversity hires?  Keep in mind that diversity in the workplace goes beyond gender and ethnicity metrics.  Here are some free or budget-friendly resources to add to your game plan:

  • Ask for referrals!  Do you know who the military veterans are in your organization?  If not, start there and begin by having conversations about why they chose your company and why they stay.  Veterans tend to know other veterans, so by reminding your employees of your referral program, you may help generate qualified, experienced candidates.
  • Partner with the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), a branch of the U.S. Department of Defense. Every state has a chapter that supports veterans in finding employment and help employers hire qualified veterans. This partnership can have lasting success. It’s free. Tap into local military base resources and talent networks while supporting this volunteer-based organization. Find your local chapter:
  • Seek recognition! Local news stations love the heartfelt efforts of companies doing good things for the community. If you have a military-focused event planned, notify your local television or news radio channels. Media coverage captures the attention of potential candidates and spurs referrals. Don’t forget to highlight the coverage on your social media channels and your website. And make it your mission to honor the veterans in your company regularly, not just on Veteran’s Day.
  • Check out— This site is well-established, and has a strong baseline of followers. Consider purchasing a banner ad or space in the email newsletter, which is full of useful information that veterans and employers can use. As a bonus, the site has links to every major branch of the military, all in one place (total time saver for a busy recruiter).
  • Attend a conference: Shaking hands with, and learning from, industry leaders can kick up your strategy to a whole new level. The ERE Conference is a mecca of creative, innovative, powerhouse recruiters and leaders who share best-practices and trends. Take home every business card you can, put them within arm’s reach of your laptop, and correspond with each of them after the conference. Years of conferencing will build your network and keep you attuned to changes in the candidate landscape.

If possible, identify a Recruiter or HR Specialist like The Canon Recruiting Group that is passionate about veteran hiring.  This should be a heartfelt mission that also positively impacts your company culture.  Even without a dedicated budget, this person can begin to lay the groundwork for your veteran hiring strategy.  Lastly, be sure to acknowledge the veterans in your company each November on Veteran’s Day.  This gesture won’t go unnoticed.