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Post COVID Hiring – How the Pandemic Has Changed the Job Market

Unemployment is high, but many companies may struggle to fill positions during and after COVID-19. Here is how to prepare for post-COVID hiring challenges.   There is not a single aspect of people’s lives that has not been touched by the COVID-19 pandemic in some way. It is changed the way we seek entertainment, how [...]

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Negotiating your Offer Letter

Negotiating your Offer Letter You’ve just about crossed the finish line.  Interview after interview.  You have an offer of employment with a pretty great company and all you need to do is…sign.  The offer meets almost all your needs. Almost.  Should you negotiate your offer letter?  Yes.  There is no harm in asking, right?  If [...]

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5 Minutes to a Better Resume

5 Minutes to a Better Resume The goal, when applying for any job, is simple: make it past the resume review stage and into the hands of an interviewer.  In just five short minutes, you can improve your existing resume and encourage corporate recruiters, executive search firms and hiring managers to call you for an [...]

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