Partnering with a Leading Search Firm

Still tentative about hiring an executive search firm to boost your candidate pool?  While many extraordinary companies have invested heavily in training internal recruiters and talent acquisition departments – for everything from sourcing to sales to negotiating tough offers — it can still be useful to hire a leading staffing firm for added support.  Your partnership with a well-established and high-quality, diversified staffing agency can make a lasting impact on your hiring.  Here are a few reasons why partnering with a leading search firm like The Canon Recruiting Group may be a solid investment:


1)  An outside agency can scope your competition anonymously and continuously.  Let’s say you have your eye on a Director of Sales candidate that currently works with a competitor.  A recruiting agency can connect and gauge interest of a potential hire without needing to represent any specific company.  Agencies have networks of talent that allow them to test the waters without letting candidates know (yet) which company may be interested in them.


2)  A headhunter often knows the entire market landscape and can decide how aggressive an offer needs to be much earlier in the process.  If you are trying to attract top talent in healthcare, for example, it can be useful to have someone on your side that knows the other major players in your niche and geography.  An agency can do this research (on your behalf) and provide you a complete scope of the market — how your compensation package aligns with competitors and how quickly you’ll need to move once you find the right candidate.


3)  There is no guarantee that any hire, made by your internal recruiter or an agency, will be the perfect fit.  But agency recruiters take pride in hiring a long-term fit for you and your company, so they are often dedicated to making it right if something goes awry.  If, for some reason, your hire does not pan out, typically an agency is committed to helping you find a replacement.  What this means is that you don’t have to dedicate all of your internal resources to recharge the search.  Moreover, a top-notch headhunter may already have a backup candidate in mind, just in case.


4)  Quality vs. Quantity of candidates.  At times, an internal or corporate recruiting department may be overwhelmed by the volume of unqualified candidates applying to your posting.  An internal recruiter may also juggle multiple positions at once.  This is the opposite for an agency recruiter, who will not spend valuable time speaking with under-qualified candidates. Therefore, with a dedicated agency search, you will likely see fewer but higher-quality candidates.

Be sure to look for a firm that is diverse, has local connections and might align with your niche market.  I’ve found great success with women-owned staffing firms and minority owned staffing agencies that can diversity your talent pool.  If possible, establish a long-term relationship so that your executive search firm can always be on the lookout as top talent becomes available in your industry.

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