Negotiating your Offer Letter

You’ve just about crossed the finish line.  Interview after interview.  You have an offer of employment with a pretty great company and all you need to do is…sign.  The offer meets almost all your needs. Almost.  Should you negotiate your offer letter? 

Yes.  There is no harm in asking, right?  If you are going to negotiate your offer terms, please keep these things in mind:

  1. Be specific:  If you were hoping for $3,125 more dollars per year, ask for it.  If you were hoping to take a week off in July but you won’t have the Paid Time Off accrued yet, ask for it.  If you can’t make the start date work, but you can start a week later instead, ask for it.
  2. Be reasonable:  For most companies, each hire is essential and the terms of the offer may be at the tip top of their pay scale.  In fact, the company may have put another position on hold just to be able to offer you more money.  So, if you were hoping for 10% more in pay and the company came in a bit under that, you may have to come to a reasonable agreement.
  3. Think past the annual salary:  If you know the company is unable to go any higher on the salary, get creative.  I once had a candidate who was commuting one hour each way and thus, was spending 10 hours in his car each week.  In lieu of an increased salary, which we were unable to accommodate, we offered him a $100 per month gas credit to ease the cost of his driving.  For us, it was a $1200 per year investment that this employee could get to work without having to begrudge his daily commute.
  4. Be prompt:  Nothing shows your lack of enthusiasm more than delaying your response to an offer.  If it’s a “yes,” enthusiastically let your recruiter know that you are committed.  If the terms of the offer are not up to your expectations and you just can’t seem to land on the right offer after negotiating, take a day (maybe two) to ponder and then kindly decline.  This will allow the recruiter to move on to another possible finalist that they may have in the pipeline. And keep in mind…you may want to work for this company in the future, so do your best to keep your communication friendly, professional and acknowledging. Possibly the recruiter will call you first when a new position opens that better aligns with your needs.

Negotiating your worth is never easy; but be sure to take the entire compensation package in mind, each time. You want to get to an enthusiastic “yes” on a new job opportunity, and being specific about your needs, being reasonable, thinking holistically and working with experienced recruiters > (Click Here) can help you land the job of your dreams.