How to make the most of your One-on-One meetings with your manager!


Whether you meet with your manager weekly or monthly, the time you have scheduled can either be productive…or painful.  Here are some tips on how to make the most of your 1-on-1 meetings with your supervisor.

  1. Prepare a short list of priority topics you hope to discuss.

Come to the meeting prepared.  Anything that is top of priority for your day-to-day work should be discussed frequently.  Topics may include: following up on items from the last meeting, talking through new goals or initiatives, co-worker issues, upcoming time off, etc.  If it is impacting your productivity and ability to be successful, be prepared to either bring it up in this meeting or suggest that you schedule more time to deep dive the issue in a future meeting.  Keep in mind that your manager may also have a list of priorities to discuss, so some of your items may get covered elsewhere in the meeting.  It’s great if you both have the same items to discuss…this means you are aligned with your priorities.

  1. Discuss the time and frequency of your meetings – adjust if needed!

If you are always finishing up early or running longer than scheduled, it may be a good time to discuss the length and frequency of your meetings with your manager.  For some jobs, it makes sense to meet weekly for 30 minutes.  For others, a one-hour meeting is more helpful every other week.  Ideally, both you and your manager get everything you need out of your meeting and you walk away with a clear expectation of what you need to work on, accomplish and prepare before your next meeting.  Be bold and make suggestions.  This time with your manager should be productive if it’s not, there may be an opportunity for improvement or it may be a good time to call The Canon Recruiting Group and find the perfect opportunity to suit your needs.

  1. Celebrate a few ‘wins’!

We all move so quickly in our day-to-day work that sometimes our successes go unnoticed.  One-on-one time with your manager is a great opportunity to celebrate a few of your accomplishments.  You can build it right into your updates like this: “As you know, I am focused on the ABC Sales account, which will allow the department to hit its monthly goal. I’m already 80% to goal for the month, which means I am very likely going to have my best sales month ever.” Don’t be afraid to brag a little bit.  This gives your manager confidence in your performance and gives them a few talking points in case they want to announce your success to the senior leadership team.


A great manager takes time to learn and listen in your one-on-one meetings…but a great employee comes to a meeting engaged and prepared.  By having a list of topics to discuss and some compelling updates, you are guaranteed to make the most of your time with your manager.