From hiring top talent…to retaining top talent.

Many companies are in the beginning stages of creating Retention and Inclusion programs that fit into their current goals and company culture.  Starting a program does not need to be as complex as you may think.  By keeping these three strategies in mind, you are sure to create a custom program for the specific size and scope of your organization:

  1. Hire Top Talent:


It’s important that you focus your recruiting efforts on finding the best talent for your organization.  Are you in a growth phase?  Is your company in transition?  By identifying the needs of your organization (example: we need to hire someone who is comfortable with fast growth and frequent change).  When you can hire someone with the skills and competencies to match the current (and future) state of your company, then they will more easily grow and adapt with the organization.

  1. Train and Promote Top Talent:

Once you have hired top talent from The Canon Group do everything in your power to keep them engaged and growing.  This may include internal promotional opportunities, external learning, and conferences or a well-paired mentorship.  By offering additional resources to your top performers, you’ll ensure that they stick around while your company grows.

  1. Retain Top Talent through employee engagement and inclusiveness:

A great way to build internal communities is to look at your talent pool and create opportunities for groups to intermingle.  Perhaps you created a “working parent support group” to share best practices and create a sense of camaraderie.  Another idea is to offer a craft club, a hiking club or other hobby-related gatherings.  This allows employees from different backgrounds, races, ethnicities and job functions to build smaller communities within your organization.  All of this leads to a sense of inclusion and belonging.

 We often get so focused on finding top talent that we forget to feed and foster the high performers that we have already hired.  By creating promotion and retention strategies, you are sure to keep top talent longer than your competitors.