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Company Description

Keeping innovation as agile as possible in a fast-paced digital world has become a matter of survival for lots of businesses. The ability to compete across industries relies heavily on the talent that a company hires. The Canon Recruiting Group, established in 1980, is a WBENC certified professional recruiting, talent hunting, headhunting, staffing firm.

We are driven by a desire to create result-oriented teams and staffing businesses of the future. We achieve this by offering services covering the identification, evaluation, and recruitment of exceptional talent. We have a distinctive recruiting system that embraces both traditional and modern strategies for business development. We provide timely, cost-effective solutions to solve technical human resources problems. This is all with the goal of efficiently helping employers find their ideal candidates while supporting job seekers to navigate competitive recruitment processes. We uphold a healthy culture, corporate philosophy, and effective management style, making us stand out in the recruitment industry. Our system stand out significantly, because at Canon Recruiting we hire from a diverse, qualified group of potential applicants across social classes, races, income segments, economic and political inclinations in the American society.