5 Minutes to a Better Resume

The goal, when applying for any job, is simple: make it past the resume review stage and into the hands of an interviewer.  In just five short minutes, you can improve your existing resume and encourage corporate recruiters, executive search firms and hiring managers to call you for an interview.  Taking no more than one minute each, these five tips will help you update your resume today:


  • Remove any dates from the “Education” section of your resume. If you completed a degree 1 year or 30 years ago, update this section to only include the name of the school, the city and state and the specific degree title.  If you have not yet graduated, you should list an accurate “anticipated graduation date.”


  • Remove any “References” you may have listed; and instead, add the line “References Available upon Request.” If you have current references, you can always offer to share them once you have them on the phone, but because resumes tend to get long (which means more reading for the recruiter or interviewer), it’s better to keep this section as short as possible.


  • Remove your “Hobbies” section and replace it with a “Volunteer” section. While you may think that listing your hobbies shows that you are well-rounded, it may keep hiring managers from focusing on your work experience, skills, and competencies.  However, if you have volunteered as a baseball coach, a mentor or served the underprivileged, this can highlight your connection to your community or your leadership skills.


  • Depending on your industry, add a “Relevant Skills” section and list any computer software, applications, systems, tools or technologies in which you are proficient. Be specific.  Recruiters and hiring managers may be looking for someone with a very specific knowledge base and you can increase your visibility by listing these on your resume.


  • Add a link to your LinkedIn Profile, if you have one. This can be listed close to your phone number and email address and is a time-saver for the person who is reading your resume and is interested in seeing a more in-depth view of your career.  (You may want to update your LinkedIn Profile, as well!)


While your goal is to make it past the resume review phase, presenting a thoughtful and well-written resume is your opportunity to make a memorable first impression. Fastrack to a great resume and a great career call The Canon Recruiting Group today or visit our website > Click Here < to learn more about who we are and what verticals we service.