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Canon Recruiting Group Tackles ‘Tough-To-Fill’ Positions

by Susan Wright Companies know that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find good candidates for tough-to-fill positions. These positions are commonly found in Information Technology, Computer Programming, Engineering, and other highly technical areas. In the current labor market, candidates have the upper hand over companies. Recruiters are struggling primarily because companies are failing to [...]

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Find out why more companies are switching to Canon for their hiring needs

The Employer's Challenge: Hiring in this market can be a real opportunity - a chance to achieve a fundamental competitive advantage, because business demands constantly evolve, new initiatives require new people, turnover and retirement are leaving unfulfilled needs, and if you don't reach the right talent now, your competitors surely will. How Canon meets that [...]

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Canon Leverages New Credit Line

Canon Recruiting Group LLC has established a $3.5 million line of credit with Crestmark Bank of Michigan. The new credit facility will serve to expand Canon Recruiting’s previous line of credit and to enhance its staffing and payroll capability to support our firm’s very strong growth. “If you don’t reach the right talent now, your [...]

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